, you are operating at a Flailing level.
Use your overall scores to understand where to focus.

Congratulations . By taking the Innovative Distributor Assessment you are on your way to creating a mindset for a bigger, bolder, future. As indicated below, your current overall score is 0, and your ideal score is 0. As you look at the pace of change today and the disruptive forces that are quickly changing the way business is done, it is important to understand that the power to seize opportunities ahead, comes from within, not outside, your organization. And as such they come from within those with an innovative mindset. Congratulations, you’ve take an important step on your innovation journey. Learn what your scores mean below.

Companies Don’t Change, Transform, and Innovate. People Do. You do !

Your overall score reflects where you think you are in terms of your innovation mindset. Not only have you identified your current mindset, but importantly you have zeroed in on your ideal. There really is no “good” or “bad” here, just an awareness of your innovation propensity. Now that you have your two scores, what do they mean?

00 - 24

Your mindset is at the Flailing Level. Clearly there is a considerable need to focus on the future and the mindset that is going to be required to get there. We live in disruptive times, where change from the outside is impacting our lives, our business, and our careers in completely new and unprecedented ways. The very fact that you have taken our assessment demonstrates a true desire within you to expand your mindset. Don’t stop here. Zero in on your ideal mindset and commit to yourself to begin the growth you seek today

25 - 48

Your mindset is at the Fulfilled Level. Your score indicates a dangerous comfort level with today’s success. When things are good, we start to take our foot off the gas pedal. We begin to think that the good times will continue for all time—or at least until our retirement. Our optimism comes through rose-colored glasses rather than through the lens of reality that tells us that if we are not changing as fast as the world is changing, trouble lies ahead.

The paradox of comfort is that the very thing we seek is often the same thing that saps our energy for growth, change and innovation. Your achievements and success are clear demonstrations of your ability to change and innovate … now is not the time to get too comfortable. Take a look at the gap between your current and ideal mindset … and then step into a new zone of un-comfort to turbo charge your mindset growth.

49 - 72

Your mindset is at the Focused Level. Your mindset is one that shows considerable awareness of the need for change, transformation, and innovation. And … you are focused on making this innovation happen. You probably have a number of change initiatives in place and are always on the lookout for the next innovative business process, cultural enhancement, business model, and/or technology. Yet … like others with the Focused mindset you are at times frustrated by the speed that the innovations occur. But in general you are happy with being able to lead yourself and your team forward. And now that you have taken the assessment you see that there’s another mindset level that can propel you into the future.

Future Fixated
73 - 96

Your mindset is at the Future Fixated Level. The mindset you bring to the world everyday demonstrates a considerable readiness and bias for action in creating your sustainable, relevant, and profitable future. Your possibilities mindset is a beacon of optimism for those around you while your commitment to delivering your ideas in the form of new solutions creates significant value for those you directly and indirectly touch. By fixating on the future you have the mindset and discipline to build new solutions not just for today, but for tomorrow. As you focus on fearlessly pursuing the future and your continued growth and development, you are probably looking to expand your network to Lift and Shift™ next practices from other like minded innovators.